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Singer Songwriter Stuart Mcleod

We have the excellent singer songwriter Stuart Mcleod in tomorrow, finalising his new EP. Stuart employed the use of our session pack, with session drums with our resident session drummer Daniel Spence, and bass and guitar instrumentation performed by myself.

This record has moved into a space that really works, but the songs are so good that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Great vibe, super folky, and Stuart’s voice is reminiscent of the undeniably magnificent Mark Knopfler. Lesley of @oakleasrise, will be getting her most excellent vocal down, which will really help to cement the whole vocal performance. It reminds us of Bonnie Raitt with a bit of Eva Cassidy chucked in for equal measure.

We’re looking forward to it #markknopfler #johnnycash #evacassidy #bonnieraitt @oakleasrise

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