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New studio, New premises: It's so good to finally meet you.

Welcome to the new Backland Studios blog. Here, you will find out a bit more about what we get up to. Sooooo, this is our first blog entry. We did it, we are here! Its taken a while but it's been absolutely worth it. We have been around a bit, but this is new-new. You know, new. There has been a gargantuan amount of planning gone into getting the studio set up, working through teething issues and generally learning our new space and how it works recorded sound musically.

Lockdown has been super hard for literally everyone we know, and we have all needed to be increasingly agile with how we live our day to day lives. This is still pertinent more than ever, but one thing never changes; Music. It's really very good. Let's record lots of music.

Lots and lottttsss of music.

It's so good to finally meet you.

Backland Studios Team


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